- Take the role of Charlie or Alexia, two people with special abilities, on a mission to rescue Megan, who has been kidnapped for unknown reasons.

- To rescue Megan you must use unique moves, and special combinations, motorcycles, super powers, and more. Make your way through various enemies from evil gang, up hungry zombies.

- Discover how to defeat each of their powerful bosses, and develops the Charlie and Alexia skills as you go and get experience.

Fight through 5 levels in different stages. From dangerous streets and subway stations to a ninja mansion, a chemical plant and more. Full of enemies and action all the way.

Confronts each level bosses. All with different skills that will test you through your mission

We are working to implement new mechanics and game modes, bonus stages that include the use of vehicles and survival mode

Fighters Unleashed is being developed for mobile devices like iOS and Android, but with your help on Steam Greenlight, we can bring to PC, Mac and possibly also Linux. More news expected soon

Fighters Unleashed
Fighters Unleashed